Who’s Thirsty?

If you like local craft beers like I do, grab some friends and we’ll create the perfect path to taste several local brews.  The Pioneer Valley is home to numerous microbreweries which all craft excellent beers.  There are long and short options available as there are several breweries within rideable distances.  In between, you’ll see some of the regions most beautiful landscapes.

Western Massachusetts and the Pioneer Valley are home to ten or more microbreweries.  We are proud of the brewing heritage and the fact that many breweries use locally sourced grains and hops. Our farmers work hard to grow organically, producing malts and hops that are of the highest quality.  For example, located in Hadley, a small farming community on the banks of the Connecticut River, is Valley Malt.  Valley Malt is a partnership between farmers, maltsters and breweries in the Northeast, it is brewer supported agriculture at its best. Check their webpage out at Valley Malt.

Creating a Tour

There is no set itinerary for a brewery tour.  These are fully customizable for guests according to what they want to experience at according to which brewery the tour starts at.  You want to climb some hills, we can start and end at http://www.forthillbrewery.com/ and ride into Westhampton.  Hitting gravel,let’s start at http://floodwaterbrewing.com/ in quaint Shelburne Falls nestled on the banks of the Deerfield River!  Or, if you are looking for a smoother and more leisurely ride, we can start at https://www.berkshire-brewing. In South Deerfield and even connect it with other local breweries!!  There are many options to choose from!  

So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get you out and exploring!