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Hey all, we have succesfully made it through another year!  Despite all that went on with Coronavirus, this year has been a great one for cycling; a year in which our tour offerings were expanded and new partnerships were formed.  As I enter into the fall and think about 2022, I want to say there is still plenty of time to sign up for a tour.  Please keep reading below to find out the tours available and dates.

A new year calls for new ideas.  Going into year two I am redesigning some of my tours and offering a few new options for riders.  While all of the tours listed under the Local Tours will always be available, I will also be setting some of them up throughout the year as group rides with set dates, instead of “on demand” only.  I will also be advertising on Eventbrite for ticket sales in 2021 to make it easier to sign up.   Another new addition to Frontier Cycling this year is the addition of multiple Farm Bike tours as part of the collaboration with http://www.pioneervalleyfoodtours.com like we did for Septembers West Valley Food Tour, which you can read about on my blog Farm and Food Tour

So, why wait any longer……find out what awaits over the next hill and feel like a kid again!

Frontier Cycling crafts fun and exciting cycling tours in The Pioneer Valley and Western Massachusetts.  I am excited to show you why I chose to start Frontier Cycling Tours! Together we can explore the crunchy gravel back roads and windy by-ways of the Pioneer Valley and Western Massachusetts hill towns.  We stop for a locally roasted coffee or cold craft beer along the way at one of the many family run businesses. So, grab some friends or come alone there is so much to experience on a bike, from challenging climbs to cool descents and leisurely meanders.  There is truly something for everyone.

Frontier Cycling offers a diverse range of routes and rides to choose from. All rides are customizable according to the experience you wish to have. The following suggested rides are considered Half-day rides finishing in 4 hours or less depending on skill and fitness levels.  Click the name of the ride you would like to know more about.  Still have questions? Send me an email and we’ll connect. I like to talk with each group ahead of time and discuss personally your experience and comfort on a bike.

*2021 prices for  private group tours include custom made SWAG such as t-shirts or water bottles, a guided tour with interesting and historical sights of the tour highlighted by myself, and a complimentary drink after the ride.  Prices are as follows:

  • $200 for 2 riders
  • $400 for 3-4 riders
  • $500 for 5-6 riders

No cancellations less than 24 hours in advance

Pioneer Valley Tours


Ashfield Hawley ride

Part of the Massochista bike race, this hilly 30 mile loop starts in the quaint town of Ashfield and climbs up to Hawley, winding its way through forested gravel paths…….

The Farm and Food tours is a collaborative effort with Deborah Christakos of Pioneer Valley Food Tours and the mobile bike shop Speed and Sprocket of Northampton to introduce riders the amazing variety of foods……

This relatively flat 25 mile ride starts in the Historic Deerfield center, crosses the Deerfield River then traverses farm fields as we follow the rivers path as we cross….

If you like local craft beers ( I do!), grab some friends and we’ll create the perfect path to taste several local brews.  The Pioneer Valley is home to numerous microbreweries which all craft excellent beers.  There are long and short options available……

Conway to The High Ledges

Shelburne ride

One of my favorites! This roughly 26 mile ride starts in the town of Conway, one of our many former mill towns. We wind our way through….

The River Valley Ramble is an over night tour from Northampton to Brattleboro Vermont. Over the course of 50 miles, you’ll see and experience the Connecticut River Valley in a very personal way. Pass by…..

Have a question about a tour?

Reach out, let me know what you’re looking for and let’s start planning your tour!!

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Frontier Cycling t-shirts are in!  Your purchase of a t-shirt supports new and engaging tours and future cycling events.

Each shirt advocates for safe cycling, with an arrow pointing to the left and “3 feet” on the back, representing the 3 feet cars are supposed to give cyclists.

Available sizes are small, medium and large. Call or email to order shirt, thanks for you support!