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biking adventures in France and Quebec.  I specialize in French-based language tours. Practice your French with us!

Frontier Cycling decided to cancel the  two international tours planned for 2020.  As of this update in the winter of 2021, our International tours are still on hold.  I am hopeful and excited however to be able to open up more international tours in the near future.  In the meantime, take a look at what we are hoping to do!

These tours take months to organize and set up so that you are provided with the best tour and support possible.  Please continue to check back in with me, as I am taking this time to search out and offer new tours.

 We believe that travel and cross-cultural connections promote a better understanding of an area. Frontier Cycling Tours aims to be a specialist in leading bike tours in France and Quebec, in order to promote linguistic and cultural exchange.  Speaking French is never a prerequisite as we are here to help and support our customers in every aspect of the tour.  I am excited to announce that we have created and are offering two international tours for 2020! These are part of our Group Adventures packages, each with a set itinerary that can be a true adventure. You’ll ride with other cyclists, exploring and learning along the way.

Montreal to Quebec Tour

June 20-27 2020

Quebec Tour image

Join Frontier Cycling for a bike Pilgrimage from Historic Montreal to beautiful Old World Quebec City, the only walled city in North America. We will ride along the majestic Saint Lawrence River, through gently rolling farmlands and small towns, while we stop along the way to learn about the food, First Nation history, and religious history of the founding of Quebec. Our tour starts with a full day to explore the neighborhoods and old world charm of Montreal. We then ride together and visit several small cities along our way to Quebec City, where we end our journey in the next best thing to France, le Petit Champlain, les chutes de Montmorency and an optional mass at the 400 year old Notre Dame de Quebec while celebrating Le Saint Jean Baptiste.

Call, email or refer to the PDF for complete and detailed information.

Total time of tour: 7 days

Total distance on bikes: 182 miles

Total mileage 838 miles

Total cost per rider $1,300


  • Transportation from Amherst to Montreal and Quebec and return to Amherst
  • SAG van support along the entire ride.
  • Lunch and breakfast in Montreal, admission to all museums and sights, snacks and lunch while riding, dinner day 5 and breakfast and lunch day 6 in Quebec City
  • Free gift package of Frontier SWAG gear.

Not included:

  • Personal purchases of souvenirs, extra snacks or food outside of reservations and reserved meals.
  • Bike rentals
  • Travel insurance
  • Extra beverages and food not included in tour package
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Tour de Provence

August 10-16 2020

France tour photo

Frontier Cycling has partnered with Ultra Bike Adventures of France for a unique experience. This 6 day tour which starts and ends in Marseille, is designed with French speakers and those curious wanderlust adventure seekers in mind. We will cycle and camp in some of the most beautiful regions of Provence in Southern France, starting in La Cité des Pâpes, Avignon. For five days we cycle, explore and camp as we explore La Camargue, Arles, and The French Grand Canyon. Let’s start experiencing fragrant lavender fields, see a live bull ranch, and drink local wines!

Call, email or refer to the above PDF’s for complete and detailed information.

Total time of tour: 7 days

Total distance on bikes: 380KM

Total mileage 380 Km

Total cost per rider $2,850

What is included

  • Flight to France and all transportation during length of the tour. Flights purchased separately may require additional transportation charges.
  • Professional bilingual guides.
  • Bikes. E-bikes available for an additional charge.
  • Food and camping materials provided by Ultra Bike Adventures.
  • Support vans and trailers.

What is not included

  • Additional activities outside of those proposed (see French edition PDF).
  • Additional food and snacks not part of the camping experience.
  • Transportation outside of the tour and airport.
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Reach out, let me know what you’re looking for and let’s start planning your tour!!

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