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Frontier Cycling

Culture, people and customs have long been a passion of mine. From wanting to experience life in unknown destinations, learning languages and connecting place and history, my curiosity has made me a life-long learner.

In 2019 I decided to start on a new journey and look for new challenges.  In addition to a wonderful career of 13 years as a high school French teacher, I am also now leading cycling tours in Western Massachusetts for the adventurous outdoor enthusiast. My passion for French and an interest in helping others to learn about the Francophone world, as well as simply cycling and being outdoors is what has motivated me in this adventure. Frontier Cycling Tours is up and running now with one goal in mind; to create and offer engaging cycling tours while helping others to explore the regions of Western Massachusetts and Southern Quebec. Through the mission of introducing clients to local artisans, restaurants and activities as well as the landscapes during our tours, Frontier has a diverse, unique and often customizable set of tours available to our clients. If you are as curious as I am about how others live, eat or play you’ve come to the right place, Frontier Cycling Tours aims to get you out exploring and feeling young again!

Ryan Boeding

In front of the Bridge of Flowers sporting a Bikes or Death t-shirt

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Frontier Cycling t-shirts are in!  Your purchase of a t-shirt supports new and engaging tours and future cycling events.

Each shirt advocates for safe cycling, with an arrow pointing to the left and “3 feet” on the back, representing the 3 feet cars are supposed to give cyclists.

Available sizes are small, medium and large. Call or email to order shirt, thanks for you support!