I wrote in a previous blog post about creating partnerships and events by always starting with a question.  Typically that question revolves around the “what if” idea.  What if I do x, what will happen? What if I don’t do X, what will happen?  I think those types of reflections are important.  So how do I frame the new partnership that has formed for Frontier Cycling?  As you may know I already have been working with Pioneer Valley Food Tours to craft and bring to the valley Farm Bike Tours..  You can read about our Farm and Bike Food Tours in Western Massachusetts by clicking the link.   That is a great relationship that is still growing in our offerings and how we are increasingly able to bring our guests something unique and fun.  This past week, Deborah and I have brought onto the team a new member, an active member that will bring another set of skills to the table.

We welcome Sean Condon, who owns Speed and Sprocket mobile bike shop.  Sean has been in the valley for a long time.  He knows the roads like the back of his hand and can tune up and build bikes on the go.  He also teaches English….so my grammar better be good.   So, in this short article, let me recap what each of us do and how we work off each other as a team.  

Pioneer Valley Food Tours’ goal is to shine the spotlight on all of the amazing food that is being grown right here in the Pioneer Valley and the chefs and restaurants that are dedicated to sourcing local ingredients in their creations. Having spent time in the kitchen professionally themselves, they know what it takes to put good food on the table.

Frontier Cycle Tours formed in 2019 to offer engaging cycling tours while helping others to explore the regions of Western Massachusetts and Southern Quebec. Their tours aren’t just about ticking off the miles, though; they aim to introduce their riders to the people, history, and culture of the areas they explore!

Speed and Sprocket Cycle Works brings close to three decades of mechanical expertise and event support experience to the table! They’ll be providing support before, during and after our tours.  In short, helping to ensure there aren’t any mechanical issues and all riders have what they need to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

So here we are.  Bringing three small local businesses together that are all passionate about helping others get out and explore the world around them and what do you get – amazing experiences that you’ll be sure to remember!  2021 is not over yet.  If the current vibe and energy is a sign of the coming months, we will be busy with exploring and helping our guests learn about The Pioneer Valley.  Book now for a farm and bike food tour in Western Massachusetts, places may sell out quickly. 

Let me end with one thought.  On my bedroom wall when I was a kid I had a paper clipping with a quote on it.  It was about success and luck, and went something like this: ”some people spell luck L-U-C-K, but I spell it W-O-R-K”.   You can have unexpected luck, and then also feel lucky because you worked hard to create it.  I hope I am in the later.