It seems like the use and amount of cycling and adventure podcasts has exploded over the last few years.  Whereas we used to primarily receive our information from talks-shows, TV interviews or magazines, we now have an almost unlimited variety of choices from which to choose.  And that is not necessarily a bad thing.  While too much choice can be daunting and often make us wonder ‘where do I even start’. However, once you get your preferences dialed in, listening to podcasts is a lot of fun and very informative.

Listening to a podcast is, for me, a way of getting motivated about something, usually a ride but sometimes just going to work. They are also just a nice way to pass the time on the morning commute.   I see them akin to that pep talk your coach may have given you before a game or the state wrestling championship, or when a friend tells you a cool story and you start to think ”yeah I can do that too”.  A podcast is a door into another world that you didn’t know existed before. 

Ok, that one might be a stretch but you get my point. I have and still occasionally listen to business and entrepreneurial focused podcasts, how to run a business, be a good leader, handle diversity.  Those are great and I learn a lot from them, but today I am going to focus on podcasts based around cycling and touring.  I will tell you a little bit about who runs them and who their guests are.  Granted there is a lot of overlap in themes and sometimes you have a show where they interview each other.  In no particular order, here they are.

Cycling and adventure based podcasts

King of the Ride  This podcast is run by Ted King, a former 10 year pro cyclist turned entrepreneur and gravel enthusiast.  He started Untapped, packaged maple energy packs with true Vermont Maple syrup!   You can read more about his background, his blog and his endeavors on his blog I am Ted KIng where he also writes cool articles and posts fun videos! Such as the one I just watched “ how to pack and prepare for a gravel race”.  Ted’s podcasts are well formatted and organized, have clear audio and laid-back and humorous, yet have a clear objective.  His guests cover a wide range of backgrounds, from pro-cyclists to race organizers and business owners.  

Bikes or Death I just came across this awesome sounding podcast within the last year or so.  It is run by Pat Farnsworth and Alissa Bell.  They are  based out of College Station Texas.  Pat is a real estate agent with an interest in bikepacking and the outdoors.  You can imagine yourself sitting with him and his guests sharing a beer, or whisky in his case. It’s that chill.  He recently hosted a live podcast with Miles Arbour on Instagram, which was a fun event to participate in.  Featured on Bikepacking, Pat’s goal is to share the stories of his guests and build community based on adventure and bikepacking. As his website states “a life without bikes is a life not worth living”I can agree. 

 Adventure Audio Podcast This is one of the newest shows I have started listening to, and like all the others,it has a range of guests.  The hosts, Peter Hockenhull and former pro cyclist Tyler Hamilton, just recently interviewed Ted King!!  Their shows don’t solely focus on cycling though, and per their website they get into discussions about  life and outdoor life as well, such as coaching and training tactics or trail running. 

European based podcasts

 Broom Wagon This is one of the first cycling podcasts I started listening to.  It caters to a European clientele, but has a super wide range of guests.  The moderator, Stefano, is a witty interviewer who keeps his guests on their toes.  The topics range from epic gravel and mountain-based riding, bikepacking stories such as the Transcontinental race, as well as pro circuit riders.  Follow his Instagram account here.

Spotzle Another European based show, this time in France.  Why do I like it? Because I am a French teacher and francophile!!  Richard Delaume is the sarcastic but approachable moderator.  He has even interviewed Lael Wilcox, in French and English!  You should hear her speak really good French!  Not only does Spotzle do podcasts, but they also offer an online magazine of bike adventures, read it here.  But be forewarned, it is in French!  He starts each of his shows with a wild mix of heavy metal( a favorite music style of his) and three questions; 1) Qui es-tu? D’ou viens-tu? Que fais-tu?  If you don’t know what those mean, look ‘em up! 

Language Learning Podcast

 Coffee Break Spanish  Lastly, let me just say that as a language teacher, but a consistently broke one, I have yet to spend much time in Spanish speaking country as of recently.  Although I have dreamed of multiple hair-brained ideas to cycle and study in a Spanish speaking country, those ideas have yet to come to fruition….maybe one day.  In the meantime I am listening to these shows, both in the car and while cycling.  Coffee Break offers courses in multiple languages.  You might not want to learn a language but why not try to do something cool while you ride! Hablas Espagnol?

Conclusion and reflection

So there you go my friends, a short list of cycling and adventure podcasts to entertain you while cycling, while driving to go cycling or just sitting down having a beer after cycling.  Give them a listen  and support the moderators.  As I wrote earlier in the intro, I find motivation in them sometimes when the going gets tough, and I also simply enjoy hearing about cool cycling adventures  There are other shows springing up all the time too, and if you have one you like reach out to me on Instagram and let me know!  Happy riding!

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