It all stared with a question

When I first saw the advertisement for Le Salon info-vélo online at some point this past week, I kept wondering “what if I go up and pass out some materials…., what if I try to network with other people in the cycling industry…., what if…..?” It is these kinds of questions that can often turn into new exciting realities. And so after thinking about how to offer more and better cycling tours in Quebec and here at home in Western Massachusetts, I did what any good, adventurous and excited new business owner would do.  I packed my bags, grabbed a few promotional materials and headed to the Salon info-velo in Quebec City for the weekend in order to make sure I found answers for those questions. I left Sunday morning to return home satisfied and hopeful for what may develop from the new contacts I made.


Granted, the expo was held to promote and advertise for Quebec-based bike makers and bike tour operators.  However, that did not necessarily stop me from thinking that I too I could grow in some way from the event.  After all, part of my mission and business is built upon the belief that international bike travel and cross cultural connections hold value in our society and for us as cyclists; touring in Quebec is a part of what Frontier Cycling is working to accomplish.

Now what?

As a French teacher and advocate for many things French.  This comes into play in many ways.  I am working to promote Western Massachusetts cycling opportunities to Les Quebecois.  I hope to be a catalyst for opening up this region to our neighbors up north.  After all, Western Massachusetts offers unlimited opportunities to bike and to explore the great outdoors. You can gravel grind if you wish, or stay on paved roads and rack up serious miles and elevation. However, as good as the cycling is here, Quebec is a region that is a few steps ahead of us when it comes to getting and keeping people outdoors.  That is the flip side to the proverbial coin.  There are thousands of miles of dedicated bike paths and routes along with numerous organizations whose purpose is to show people

where to cycle and the possibilities for off-bike entertainment and where to stay.  Quebec is investing large amounts of money in bike friendly infrastructures.   Explore some of the amazing routes and accommodations for cycling at

I think there is so much potential between these two areas.  I love where I live and I want to show this region off and promote outdoor tourism in Western Massachusetts.  On the other hand, I also want to see more of the Eastern Cantons. I hope to explore Quebec-based cycling and tourism opportunities more, and in my work as a owner of Frontier Cycling Tours, I am working passionately to open these doors for people to explore Les Cantons de l’Est and other excellent areas of Quebec.