October 26 2019 image

It’s always more fun to ride with a friend, but it is often difficult to match up schedules.  More often than not, my rides are long solo rides along the many roads of Western Massachusetts.   Today was a welcome changed however.  Thanks to my friend Eli, we got up riding early today, even before the sun had risen. Riding in the dark brings with it a very different set of emotion. You are solely focused on what is in front of you.  Although it is nice to see the passing scenery, focusing just on the 20 feet of light in front you keeps you intensely focused on that area.

I am not used to riding before the sun breaks but today the riding was exceptional.   As the sun broke, we passed through the fog shrouded hills and gravel roads around Deerfield, ending with a stunning sunshine breaking through the fog.  The intensity of it was surprising for so early in the morning, barely 7:30.   As we were ending the ride more and more cars were starting to roll around us.  We felt invigorated and alive.  To find out more about the cycling opportunities with Frontier Cycling in the Pioneer and Connecticut River valleys be sure to consult the Connecticut River Valley map here Connecticut-River-Byway-Bike-Map or the Central Franklin county bike map here Central-franklin county bike-map