Mid September 2019September 13-15 2019
Frontier went International! Well kinda, yes Montreal and Quebec are not the United States but they are so close! And I love going there. It’s hard to beat the immersion experiences of French speaking Montreal and Quebec City for a short weekend getaway. While city riding is not my “go to” form of riding, it allowed me to get around quickly and see so much more of the city. Montreal is full of cute, tree-lined neighborhoods, fantastic murals in the Plateau neighborhood, warm cafes and filling Poutine! You just can’t get a better feel for a town than on a bike!


September 20-21 2019
I should call these past two days ‘The firsts and Personal Records’ rides. There is no lack of unique and beautiful things to see in Western Massachusetts. Frontier was out for a Pub ride on Friday and made a stop at Element Brewing and Distillery in Millers Falls, a locally owned small batch distillery and brewery. Owner Dan Kramer was in house and so we talked about what Vodka really is, making good beer, and the event Pedal2Pints, a locally sponsored Brewery tour connecting several excellent brewpubs in the area. It’s making new, personal connections, while exploring on bike, that keep me coming back again and again. People are nice, let’s build a community.

September 21, 2019
Once again looking for something new, and checking off another bucket list ride, I went and climbed Mount Greylock. While not a huge mountain by most standards it is the tallest one in Massachusetts, at 3,491 feet. These kinds of rides exhilarate me because of the constant need to pedal! After awhile it just becomes a mental challenge to keep your feet moving….and knowing the views that wait at the summit.